Describing A Vehicle

If you are a victim of crime, a witness to a criminal act and you observe a vehicle used in the crime, or you see a vehicle acting in a suspicious manner, it is important for you to know that the more information you can provide about a suspect's vehicle or a suspicious vehicle to the police, the greater the chance that the suspect or suspicious vehicle will be identified and/or apprehended.

Below are tips about the type of factors that can be used to describe vehicles:

  • License Plate: If at all possible, write down or memorize the license plate!
  • Color: Note the color of a vinyl or convertible top or if the vehicle is multicolored, the different color (white over black, etc.).
  • Style: 2 or 4 door sedan, pickup truck, sport utility vehicle, van, minivan, etc.
  • Size: Small, medium or large.
  • Identifying Marks or Numbers, or Features: Full or partial license plate number (state and county information), dents or damage to car, broken windows, location of damage, stickers, decals on bumpers or windows, clean or dirty.
  • Special Characteristics: Loud muffler, decorative paint, extra antenna's, special rims and/or tires, lighted or neon license plates or lights, tinted/dark window glass.
  • Direction of Travel: Be sure to indicate north, south, east, west, and street names, etc.
  • Number of Occupants in Vehicle