Home Inventory Form

Use of this form will help the police agency and your insurance company in the event of theft and/or destruction by the elements (fire, tornado, etc). Keep a copy of this in a safe place (a fire safe or a trusted relatives). You may also want to create a Video Inventory or an Image Inventory of your more substantial items. A Video Inventory is where you document your possessions with a camcorder calling out applicable purchase prices, serial numbers, etc. An Image Inventory is the same thing, but with a still-image camera.

For a blank Inventory Form, please click here.

Item Mfg/Model Serial Number Purchase Date Purchase Price Purchase Location/Receipt
1 Panasonic DVR-108 DVD Player 1z4450e01 12/12/05 $150.00 Best Buy, receipt in fire safe.


Sony RC441 Stereo Receiver




Received as a gift, no receipt.